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Bring the fun of retro-gaming into your school, college, academy or university. We will tailor your video gaming experience to your requirements in order to ensure you have the very best experience Press Start 2 Join can offer. Get in touch today to find out more!


In the past, we have worked with educational organisations such as Burgess Hill Academy. The students loved the games that we carefully chose for them to play and learn about during their enrichment sessions. These are the pictures the school tweeted on the day.

Enjoying some classic Xbox action

Nintendo Gamecube Ready to Go!

Battling for top spot on Mario Kart!

Super Smash Brothers Brawl!

“Press Start 2 Join is a fantastic resource and has friendly and knowledgeable owners. Students have really enjoyed the facilities provided by Press Start 2 Join during our Enrichment programme. I’d recommend them.”

– Wendy Howell - Associate Assistant Principal, Head of Year 9, The Burgess Hill Academy

What we offer

Whether you are looking to start an after school club, cater for a one off event or provide a gaming experience during enrichment weeks, we can help. Press Start 2 Join have the capability to provide an age appropriate experience.

We can optionally recommend a mix of game challenges such as time trials, tournaments and even 8 player simultaneous multiplayer games. With a lifetime of gaming knowledge and experience, we guarantee that students (and staff) will enjoy an unbeatable experience, something they will never get from playing games at home or online.

With access to a large catalogue of retro titles, students will also experience an insight into older generations of hardware and games that they may or not know exist. Alternatively we sport a large collection of modern day video games and hardware that they may already know and love. If you'd like a mixture of everything then we can cater to that too! We love bringing the wonders of cutting edge technology to the world.

You could even try our PSVR (Sony PlayStation Virtual Reality) headset which will be sure to put you in the game. Here students can have the opportunity to safely experience a deep sea exploration, or a moon landing, or racing cars without limitations. There’s even a visit to Chernobyl available. With it’s totally immersive game play the VR headset is a student’s favourite.

The Education - Top 5

We have compiled a ‘Education Top 5’ list of games that have been carefully tried and tested over many years of experience, and are always a hit with students. Have a look and see if you remember any of these?


The ever popular ‘Mario Kart’ on platforms from Super Nintendo to Wii U – Always Great Fun


‘FIFA’, any year, is a tournament favourite


Play as Murray, Williams, Federer and ace that match with ‘Virtua Tennis’


Learn to drive (or not) on the Playstation’s very own driving school – ‘Gran Turismo’


Racing multiplayer madness on a tiny scale with ‘Micro Machines’

Every Press Start 2 Join event will be tailored to your requirements and needs, you decide, we organise.

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