Who Are We?

The Press Start 2 Join experience is a great way to hold a party, run a corporate event or maybe just get some friends round for a gaming session. Our aim is to ensure maximum enjoyment for you and your guests

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PS2J does the FA Cup – The Story of the Day

The floor plan had been drawn up, the consoles selected from the 70 units held in the PS2J vault and the games chosen from the 1300+ in the PS2J library. That must mean its time for another video gaming event from Sussex’s premier venue – The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill. Well, the queue outside as the doors opened at 2pm certainly suggested so. The gamers flooded in and were met with the beautiful sight of CRT’s and flat screens joyfully displaying the delights we had set up. Unusually we had applied some logic this time with banks of tables set...

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